Scientific me:

I am an evolutionary ecologist, specializing in the adaptive and plastic mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation. I am currently working as a PhD Candidate in the Hodgins Lab at Monash University (Australia), specializing in the genomic basis of rapid local adaptation.

Current Research:

To elucidate aspects of the genomic basis of rapid local adaptation (adaptive changes in genomic architecture and the repeatability of these changes), I examine genomic variation of the widespread Ambrosia artemisiifolia (common ragweed) along parallel environmental clines. This highly invasive weed, native to North America was recently introduced to many places worldwide, including Europe and Australia. Together with the use of molecular, genetic and advanced statistical tools I, together with collaborators, have been able to reconstruct invasion history and population genetic structure at high resolution. I associate genotypes to climatic data to identify divergent and parallel patterns at the genetic level. Additionally, I use a common garden experiment and SNP genotyping to perform allele-trait associations. Results from this study will enrich our comprehension of fundamental evolutionary processes and will provide a tool for predicting species responses to environmental change.

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