Professional me:

I am a computational ecological genomicist, specialized in the adaptive mechanisms underlying phenotypic variation, using statistical data analysis and programming.

My enthusiasm for scientific research comes from the need to understand the puzzle that is life, the universe and everything. Throughout my undergrad years, I have addressed this passion by investigating the interconnectedness of ecosystems and their relationship to genetics. During my PhD, I looked deeper into the association between the genetic code and the world as a whole and became fascinated by the determinism of evolution. It was in this time that I found evolutionary patterns are, to some extent, predictable, as nature is largely guided by the same rules. To be able to unravel the laws that guide the world around us, I have developed a growing interest in statistical data analysis and programming. My curiosity of the world around us is not limited to biology. Rather, I use this field as a gateway drug to other sciences as encompasses mathematics, physics and chemistry.

Having just finished my PhD, I am now looking for an exciting opportunity in science, research, data analytics and related fields.

Check out my publications or my CV or talk to me through or +34 633 870 298

Doctorate Research:

During my PhD (2014-2019) I worked in the Hodgins Lab at Monash University, Australia.

To elucidate aspects of the genomic basis of rapid local adaptation (adaptive changes in genomic architecture and the repeatability of these changes), I examined the genomic variation of the widespread Ambrosia artemisiifolia (common ragweed) along parallel environmental clines. Together with the use of molecular, genetic and advanced statistical tools, I have been able to reconstruct the invasion history of ragweed. Moreover, I found strong evidence for rapid and repeated adaptation despite distinct introduction scenarios.

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